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We are extremely excited to announce the launch of The Cannabis DNA Initiative (CDI), an innovative exploration into understanding the true genetic diversity of marijuana strains through the process of DNA fingerprinting.

Check out the video explaining The Cannabis DNA Initiative in a way that text just can’t, and by the end of it you’ll be just as excited as we are to finally answer the question, "Will the real OG please stand up?"

Original Press release via PR Web.

CW Analytical, a leading Medical Marijuana quality assurance testing and analysis organization, today introduced The Cannabis DNA Initiative. The Cannabis DNA Initiative consists of analytical tools and processes designed to fingerprint medical Cannabis strains grown in California.
The objective of The Cannabis DNA Initiative, led by CW Analytical and launched in partnership with NugMedia, is to explore and understand the true genetic diversity of and relationships between medical Marijuana strains. For more information about the Cannabis DNA Initiative led by CW Analytical, watch this video.
CW Analytical is inviting stakeholders in California's medical Marijuana industry to become members of the Cannabis DNA Initiative by submitting samples and providing survey information about their strains. As samples are received, CW Analytical scientists will use a combination of well-known methodologies to extract, amplify, record and analyze the DNA from each sample.
CW Analytical has years of experience in medical Marijuana quality assurance testing and analysis, and has worked directly with most of the prominent and reputable brands in the Cannabis market. The knowledge and expertise CW Analytical has acquired from analyzing and establishing chemical and biological metrics on tens of thousands of medical Marijuana samples makes the organization uniquely qualified to lead the Cannabis DNA Initiative. CW Analytical's vast experience in medical Marijuana quality assurance testing combined with the data from The Cannabis DNA Initiative will enable the organization to deliver a level of analysis never before seen in the Cannabis industry.
“California has been the leader in producing the highest quality Cannabis in the world, and growers in our region have been innovators in creating new Marijuana strains by cross-breeding plants based on taste and flavor, color, cannabinoid ratios, yield potential and other characteristics. As a result of this process, new Marijuana strain names have been coined and adopted, but the proliferation of strain nomenclature has never been qualified with scientifically-sound analytical tools, until now," says Dr. Robert Martin, PhD, principal scientist and co-founder of CW Analytical Laboratories. "CW Analytical's Cannabis DNA Initiative is a program that will study the Cannabis genome with the objective of better understanding Marijuana genes, their sequences, their expressions -- and ultimately provide greater clarity and precision to understanding and categorizing medical Marijuana strains.”
Cannabis DNA Initiative participants will receive the exact DNA fingerprint of their flower as well as access to the database where their Cannabis samples will be tracked and compared to other strains as part of the program. Program members are encouraged to interact with the database as it grows, and witness correlations develop as their strains are compared with others.
"There is a great deal of speculation in the medical Marijuana industry about the true identity of popular strains and how they are related, and our vision for the Cannabis DNA Initiative is to provide a greater level of knowledge on this issue," added Martin. "The Cannabis DNA Initiative represents our first step in an ongoing program that will enable us to deliver a greater level of understanding and precision related to Marijuana strain identity."
CW Analytical empowers patients to make informed decisions about medical Marijuana products, and the organization is committed to fostering the community of stakeholders in the medical Marijuana industry (growers, dispensaries, patients, labs, doctors, legislators and many others) in order to promote the further adoption of safe patient access in the communities we collectively serve. CW Analytical is a founding member of the Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories, a group of medical marijuana testing laboratories dedicated to establishing medical marijuana best practices and certifications for quality standards.