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The Trouble With Edibles

The Trouble with Producing Cannabis-infused Edible Products
A brief perspective
Robert W. Martin, Ph. D.

What is DNA Anyways?

DNA is a very large biological molecule that stores all the information required to make a functioning organism. This information is arranged in small sequences called genes. Genes encode for proteins and RNA, two other biological molecules that allow the cellular processes of life to happen. The process of using DNA to make protein and RNA is called gene expression.

Introducing the Scientist Behind The Cannabis DNA Initiative

Hello, my name is Eli Lyons, I am the lead scientist of the Cannabis DNA Initiative here at CW Analytical. I am a Bay Area native who loves to bike and travel, and studied Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I have been working with CW Analytical to develop a genetic fingerprinting protocol that will enable us to see similarities and differences between popular strains of Cannabis. After months of refinement at the bench, CW Analytical has successfully launched the Cannabis DNA Initiative!

Fungal Abatement in Medical Cannabis - Tips on Producing a Crop Free of Mold, Yeast and Bacterial Contamination

Whether the Cannabis grower uses indoor or outdoor cultivation strategies, successful fungi abatement protocols can assure higher yields and reduced losses. The following discussion is written for the grower who wishes to reduce or completely stop the use of fungicides whose residues can be harmful to human physiology. It is near impossible to grow any cultivation without any fungal contamination, so keep this in mind. While the following concepts may be close to organic, they are surely all natural and use current knowledge of the fungal growth habit to reduce its impact on healthy plant growth and overall crop yield.