Robert Martin Jr.

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ph.D. Mycology / Botany
Ohio University


Dawn Parker

Executive Director

MFS Forensic Toxicology National University San Diego

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Emily Richardson

Vice President, Business Development

B.A. Communication
University of California, Santa Barbara


Scott Parker

Vice President, Client Relations

University of Arizona

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Rachelle Karpeles

Executive Director

B.S. Food Biochemistry University of California, Davis

M.S. Nutrition University of New Haven, Connecticut

Our Executive Team

Robert Martin Jr., Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Robert Martin earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as a microbiologist, culminating with his Ph.D. in Mycology at Ohio University specializing in endoparasites.  Robert was recruited from university teaching by Kraft Foods in the early eighties where he excelled in Physical Chemistry, New Product Development, and Quality Assurance.  After four US Patents and many new products, Dr. Martin moved to Dreyers/Edy Grand Ice Cream where he continued to generate new products and two more US Patents until his early retirement in 2002.  Following several years of successful consulting with Con Agra, Nestle, Mrs. Fields, and Coca-Cola, many of Robert’s close friends began to come down with ailments and diseases where medical Cannabis was an alternative.  In response, Robert and his early partner John created CW Analytical in 2009 to help ensure the safety of this alternative medicine and to assist in the standardization of QA measures for the evolving medical Cannabis industry.  In 2011, along with several colleagues, Robert founded the Association of California Cannabis Laboratories, which has expanded to become the Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories. The mission of the ACCL is to foster cooperation and collaboration between Cannabis labs across North America, as well as to establish inter-laboratory standards and proficiencies. Today, Dr. Martin serves as the CEO of CW Analytical and as the Executive Director of the ACCL.

Emily Richardson, Vice President, Business Development

Emily holds a B.A. in Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara. There she conducted, and later published research, on how organizations cultivate attachment and loyalty from their members. Emily joined CW Analytical as the first employee in 2010. Over the last 8 years, she has played an integral role in the growth and success of the business, and now oversees all aspects of client relations, sales, and business development. She is passionate about supporting CW Analytical's clients as they navigate the world of quality assurance and state regulations to create Cannabis products that are safe, consistent, and compliant. She is actively involved in the California Cannabis Industry Association, and is frequently invited to speak on the topic of Cannabis testing and regulations in California. 

Scott Parker, Vice President, Client Relations

Dawn Parker, Executive Director

Dawn holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Northern Arizona University and a MFS from National University San Diego with a focus in Forensic Toxicology. She was awarded the Educational Research Award by the Society of Forensic Toxicologists for her graduate work. Since then she has worked in the field of Forensic Toxicology and in Clinical Chemistry. She comes to us from Arizona with experience in Regional Laboratory Management and Oversight of Clinical Laboratories for Arizona, Texas and Colorado. Her background also includes independent laboratory technical consulting to assist laboratories with QA/QC, corrective actions, employee training, analytical method development/validations and laboratory accreditations. She has extensive experience in analytical laboratory testing and Quality Assurance. She is excited to enter the field of Cannabis testing. 

Rachelle Karpeles, Executive Director

Rachelle holds a B.S. in Food Biochemistry from the University of California at Davis, and a Master of Science in Nutrition from the University of New Haven, Connecticut. A hands-on food scientist with 30 years of food industry experience, with a passionate for creating safe, healthy, value added food products. She is an expert with in-depth experience defining processes, developing products, commercialization and driving quality standards. Rachelle worked for Dr. Martin at Dreyer’s/Nestle where she received one US Patent and generated new products on Dr. Martin’s team. She received her second patent developing micro algae as a food material in the biotech industry, along with other "better for you" products. She continued work in the food industry managing teams of people, developing food safety plans and implementing quality management systems. In June 2018 she reached out to her longtime friend Dr. Martin at CWAL about the many uses of medical Cannabis as an alternate treatment to disease and aliment prevention.  In response, Rachelle now is a team member to CWAL.

The CW Analytical Team


Rick Reed

Director of Client Relations - Northern California

University of Alabama


Charisse MacDula

Microbiology Section Laboratory Manager          

B.S. Biology                                         St. John's University  

David D.jpg

David Dawson

Research Principal

PhD. Organic Chemistry

University of California, Irvine

Kelly D.jpg

Kelly Dolan

Scientific Sampling Associate

B.S. Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior University of California, Davis


Aaron Salles

Scientific Sampling Associate


Luke Moser

Senior Chemist

B.S. Chemistry
University of Montana



Candice Martin

Client Relations Manager - Southern California

Saddleback College                                                  


Kendra Wheeler

Associate Scientist

B.S. Biological Sciences University of Tennessee


Jenn Rath


B.S. Chemistry Mills College


Casey Reinero


B.S. Chemistry University of California, Irvine


Emily Savage

Laboratory Manager

B.S. Biology
Pennsylvania State University


Kelly Kane

Sampling Manager

B.S. Environmental Management and Protection Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


Tommie Griffin


B.S. Chemistry                                    California State University, Humboldt


Alex Le

Client Relations Associate

ABA College of Alameda

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Michael Lopez

Scientific Sampling Associate

B.A. Religious Studies University of California, Santa Barbara


Christina Le

Client Relations Manager

M.S. Education/ B.S.  Environmental Science           University of California, Los Angeles

Kevin Kerr

Client Relations Finance Manager

B.A. Photography                                 Sacramento State University    


 Donny Shot

Client Relations Associate

Laney College         


David R.jpg

David Rodriguez


 M.S. Ecology & Systematic Biology   San Francisco State University


Elizabeth Harney


M.S. Chemistry Heriot-Watt University

John Oram, Co-Founder & Consultant

PhD Environmental Engineering
University of California, Los Angeles

Dr. John Oram holds PhD. and M.S. degrees in environmental chemistry and engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles, and bachelor's degrees in analytical chemistry and biochemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Dr. Oram has spent the last ten years as a research scientist studying the complex physical and chemical processes governing the fate of contaminants in the coastal environment. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and technical reports, and in 2009, Dr. Oram co-founded CW Analytical to establish standardized testing and certification protocols to ensure the safety and quality of medical cannabis.