CW Analytical was co-founded in 2009 by Robert Martin Jr., PhD and John Oram PhD, who noticed that the medical Cannabis industry in California was lacking the regulatory and quality assurance practices to ensure the availability of clean, safe medicine. Initially, analytical testing in California was centered heavily around potency testing, with little regard for contamination from bacteria and fungi, or chemical contamination from pesticides. We recognized that in order for the industry to provide medicine to sick patients, quality assurance practices would need to go beyond just potency testing and address these problems of contamination.

Through the analytical data we provide, and our focus on educational outreach, our mission is to help cultivators and manufacturers produce cleaner, safer, and more consistent medicine.

Today, CW Analytical's success is due to our continued commitment to serving the entire medical Cannabis community in California. Fast, accurate, and affordable results enable our clients to better serve their patients and compete in the medical Cannabis marketplace.