CW Analytical is performing a tremendous service for patients using medical marijuana. They’re ensuring the safety and quality of the products patients are consuming. They’re testing for potency, fungus and bacteria, and pesticides and fungicides. As a doctor, I tell every patient that walks into my office that when it comes to medical marijuana, they should know what they’re putting in their bodies. CW Analytical makes this possible.
— Dr. Rachna Patel
CW Analytical is a fantastic company! The people are all very educated, happy, energetic, positive and they love what they do. CW has always been there for Kandy Care no matter what the circumstances. They are very loyal to their clients and go out of their way on a daily basis educating patients and the general public about safe and precautionary measures with medical Cannabis.
— Kandy Care
At The Bud Barber, safety is our top concern. We ensure our safety with CW Analytical because they have the best food program in the cannabis industry with decades of food safety experience under their belt. We confidently feel our products are as safe as any food you’d find the grocery store. Thanks CW!
— The Bud Barber
CW Analytical helps ensure the quality and consistency of our products. Their expertise in both food and Cannabis science has been critical to the success of our chocolates.
— Bhang Chocolates
CW Analytical has provided exceptional service to both Auntie Dolores and Treatibles. We have come to rely on their accuracy and input on many levels, further improving our product development success. Having started our business in a time when labs did not know how to test edibles, it means a lot to us to be working with scientists with a food science background. Overall we have been very happy with CW Analytical!
— Auntie Dolores' Kitchen
The Green Cross’ experience working with CW Analytical has been very positive. We have found you to be very attentive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Anytime we’ve had questions about results, CW Staff has been able to answer them to our satisfaction. Overall, The Green Cross is very pleased with our working relationship with CW Analytical and would highly recommend their services.
— The Green Cross of San Francisco
CW Analytical provides Sonoma Patient Group with the science needed to assure our patients that they are getting the highest quality and safest medicines available today. They offer an invaluable service.
— Sonoma Patient Group