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CEOCFO Magazine: Q&A with Dr. Robert Martin

Dr. Martin is featured in Beme News' (CNN) "Inside the Struggle for Legal Weed".

Marijuana is now legal in California - but the weed industry is going through serious growing pains. A costly permitting process, a thriving black market, and a rigorous testing process are making the new policy difficult to adapt to.


CEOCFO Magazine: Q&A with Dr. Robert Martin

Q&A with Dr. Robert Martin of CW Analytical Laboratories bringing quality assurance to the marijuana industry and dispensaries by testing for microbiological impurities, chemical residues, and potency.


Dan Rather Reports: "Gone to Pot"

Although 20 states have legalized medicinal marijuana, California's illegal marijuana cultivation boom is devastating the local environment. Marijuana farms are using up desperately needed water during a time of drought, and fertilizers, pesticides and rodenticides—some of which have been banned in the US for years—are being used by illegal growers. The toxic chemicals are winding up in California's soil and water, not to mention the pot itself, and are threatening endangered species.


Sciex Journal - Vision: "Regulating Medical Cannabis"

Medical cannabis was legalized in California as far back as the 1990s, but the original
regulations did no more than allow the drug’s use, with no control over its cultivation,
production, transportation or quality assurance. Since then, the legislation has evolved to
include quality assurance testing, with companies such as CW Analytical Laboratories relying on SCIEX instruments to ensure the safety of this alternative medicine.

Read the full article here.

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Online Class - Compliant Cannabis: Surviving Regulation

Passionate about helping cannabis producers navigate the world of quality assurance testing to create medicinal cannabis products that are safe, clean and consistent, CW Analytical's  Emily Richardson has been actively involved in the California Cannabis Industry Association. In this presentation at the Celebrate Women of Cannabis conference, Emily breaks down the proposed new testing regulations and standards as they apply to producers of cannabis products in California’s upcoming regulated marketplace.                                 

Take the class here.                                                                                                                              

Emerald Conference Presentation

Microbiological Contamination of Cannabis: What do we know?

Microbiology Laboratory Manager, Emily Savage, spoke at the 2018 Emerald Conference in San Diego on microbiological contaminants and their relation to cannabis.

Watch the presentation here.                                View the Power Point slides here


KCBS Interview: Cannabis Put To The Empirical Test

With the legalization of cannabis in California, growers will have to clean up their act or get out of the legal market. KCBS Radio's Margie Shafer reports from Oakland, where a lab is testing weed for a variety of contaminants.

Listen to the news story here