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At CW Analytical we're passionate about providing our clients and the Cannabis community with relevant information and new learnings we discover. Here are some resources we've complied to help manufacturers of Cannabis produce safe, clean and consistent products.


Understanding Residual Solvents in Your Sample

Did you know that solvents are produced by Cannabis (and other) plants themselves? 

Compounds like ethanol, methanol, isopropyl and others can be endogenous, meaning they're naturally produced.

This means that when you see small amounts of certain solvents on your lab report, they may not have come from your extraction process at all! 

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Managing Pests Naturally

The California State Water Board released a list of common Cannabis pests, and some recommendations on combatting them naturally. While this list is not exhaustive by any means, this offers cultivators a great start for managing issues without using harmful chemicals. 


Micro-Extractions for Improved Pesticide Sensitivity

Many of our clients have found this protocol to be useful in evaluating the pesticide levels in trim. Remember that representative sampling is key, and that a micro-extraction should ideally represent no more than 10lbs of trim.